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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump's toadies really need a union

I had a post last night that was about the firing of Priebus and the many other firings and resignations from the White House, illustrated with that brutal scene from The Untouchables ...

Then later I thought that maybe that was just too much and I took it down. But this morning I saw an article that made me want to put it back, because, come on, there is nothing normal about this situation ...

Where Is the White House H.R. Department In This Whole Mess?

[...] In any other workplace, under any other boss, Scaramucci would probably be in the middle of a damning, possibly career-disrupting human resources investigation by now.

According to Slate’s HR head, Heidi Grothaus, claiming that Steve Bannon tries to “suck” his own “cock,” as Scaramucci did in a statement to a New Yorker reporter on Wednesday, is a clear-cut case of spreading lies or rumors about someone’s personal sex life. Because Scaramucci is in a position of authority—he reports directly to the president—this is a textbook example of sexual harassment.

From a legal standpoint, it’s easier to prove sexual harassment if the victim is a member of a protected class. Since Bannon is not suffering discrimination based on, say, sex, race, religion, or disability, he would have a far more difficult case. But Scaramucci’s actions toward Bannon may be severe enough to override that consideration. The communications director of the president of the United States told a national news media outlet that a co-worker attempts to perform fellatio on himself, a vivid, demeaning, widely publicized remark that could very well interfere with Bannon’s ability to do his job effectively. If he spoke up and raised a fuss about it, the president would probably fire him or reduce his already-diminished influence even further, though that would technically be illegal. Enduring Scaramucci’s rumors about his sexual behavior sure seems to be a condition of Bannon’s employment at the White House.

Because let’s be real: A man who deploys the word cock at least three times in a single one-sided rant to a reporter is not going to cool it with the penis talk anytime soon. Penis imagery is Scaramucci’s poetic crutch, a way to sprinkle some colorful man-dust on any otherwise boring sentiment. It’s a jarring form of macho intimidation surely based in deep insecurity, meant both to establish power and to give Scaramucci an inch or two of an advantage in the dick-measuring contest that is taking place in every White House conference room as you read these very words ....

Of course none of this really matters now that we have a thug as president. In-fighting among his toadies will continue to be encouraged because Trump's an escalating psychopath and because the Republicans don't have the integrity to put a stop to him.


Blogger Steve Hampton said...

D J Trump is making a mockery of our democracy and revaling in it.

8:55 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Yeah, I don't think he's quite sane. And since I wrote this, another guy has been fired ;)

11:50 AM  

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