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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lordy, there *are* tapes

Remember when former FBI director James Comey testified ‘Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes’ in response to Trump's threatening tweet about their conversations? Well, it looks as though there might really be tapes (or some other form of memorialization) after all.

Yesterday, the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee - you know, the committee in which the ruling Republican members decided there was no collusion between Trump and Russia all on their own - have released a report (it can be read here) detailing some of the information the Republicans chose to ignore, including the probability of existing evidence of the conversations between Comey and Trump ... the report states ... The Minority has a good faith reason to believe that the White House does in fact possess such documentation [tapes or “recordings, memoranda, or other documents”] memorializing President Trump’s conversations with Director Comey. Subsequent press reporting revealed the existence of a memorandum reportedly composed by President Trump and Stephen Miller that referenced President Trump’s communications with Director Comey. The Committee should subpoena to the White House to produce all responsive documents.

More: Democrats tease James Comey bombshell in 'status report' on terminated House Intel Russia probe


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