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Monday, March 19, 2018


Tonight my sister came over to help me with some chores, and while we were in the garage we heard squeaking. In a cat igloo under a table we found Marie, Snowy, and kittens. Marie has been spayed, so they must be Snowy's. My sister said the kittens look really small and young - not sure how many there were. I've managed to get three of the (now) seven unfixed cats fixed, but it's been hard to coordinate getting the appointments, getting transportation, and catching those particular cats. Tomorrow I'll call the vet I used to visit and see if they will take the kittens to find homes for them for a donation. They did that for me a few years ago, but it's been some times since I've been one of their customers, so not sure if they will or can do it again. Once the kittens get old enough to run around, I may not be able to catch them to take to the SPCA, and I'm at 16 adult cats as it is. Argh! I feel cursed :(


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