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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes

I just watched the 60 Minutes Stormy Daniels interview with Anderson Cooper - it can be found online here at CBS. It was interesting. It showed Trump to be what we have come to expect ... creepy (he told her she reminded him of his daughter) ... and manipulative (he maneuvered her into having sex). There was the threat by some unknown Trump-affiliated thug who warned her to stay silent, which I found credible. There was a bit about the payment to her being a campaign contribution (Trevor Potter), and also some bits with her attorney in the interview. As her attorney opined, this whole thing is not only about the sexual encounter between Trump and Daniels, but about the cover-up of that, the lengths Trump and his fixers have gone to in order to clean up his mess. This part of the interview struck me ...

Anderson Cooper: Jenna Jameson, another well-known adult film actress, said recently about you, "The left looks at her as a whore and just uses her to try to discredit the president. The right looks at her like a treacherous rat. It's a lose-lose. Should've kept her trap shut."

Stormy Daniels: I think that she has a lot of wisdom in those words.

I'm on the Left, but I don't look at her as a whore. I think she's a vulnerable person in a very difficult situation. I'm glad she decided to come forward. It's past time Trump learned that becoming president means one thing he hadn't counted on ... he can't use his money and power to make all his problems quietly disappear anymore.


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