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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ireland repeals abortion ban

In the news, Ireland has voted to repeal its abortion ban ... Ireland votes to repeal abortion ban in historic referendum.

Part of the reason this is such a story is that Ireland is traditionally Catholic and the church in Ireland has had a major influence on women's reproductive lives, from the notorious turn of the century Magdalene Laundries to the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012.

The church, though, has lost pretty much all credibility and influence in the country because of the ongoing history of clergy child sex abuse .... the revelation of the Cloyne report on Catholic sex abuse caused the Taoiseach to say this of the church ...

I think this vote on abortion in Ireland is a victory for women's rights against an institution, the church, that has too long treated women unfairly.


Anonymous You won't believe this Asbestos Lawyers Lake Charles said...

The result in the referendum will give an added impetus, it will add more pressure to try to resolve this. But … there is nothing in the reaction so far to suggest that the parties that have always tried to block abortion law reform will suddenly stop trying to block abortion law reform.

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