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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Mueller's questions

The New York Times published leaked questions Robert Mueller may be intending to ask Trump in a sit-down interview - Mueller’s questions for Trump have leaked. Here are three big takeaways.

Here Rachel Maddow asks Chuck Rosenberg to comment on the questions ...

So, it seems that the questions were shown by Mueller to Trump's lawyers back in March - Trump has known of these questions for some time - and only now have they been leaked to the public .... by whom and for what purpose? Here's a bit of an article from the Daily Beast on this ...

If Team Trump Leaked Mueller’s Questions, It’s Bound to Backfire

[...] First, who might have leaked these questions? Mueller himself or someone on his team could have done so, but Mueller is known for his tight-lipped approach to investigations. Not only is it against his nature to leak these questions, it is also against his interest. Sharing these questions with the media telegraphs areas of inquiry to all other witnesses. The president may get the extraordinary courtesy of advance notice of the questions to induce him to come to the table, but no other witness will likely receive this unusual benefit. Publishing these questions only stands to compromise Mueller’s investigation, and so it seems unlikely that the leak came from his camp.

That leaves Trump’s team with Rudy Giuliani new to the team. These questions were not leaked when they were first communicated to Trump’s team in March, but only now, after Giuliani has come on board.

Why might Trump’s legal team want to leak these questions? ....

It's thought that Rudy Giuliani (and Trump) probably leaked the questions to try to influence public perception of Mueller's case against Trump, making it seem that there wasn't collusion but only obstruction, and that based on nothing solid.

I think this desperate gambit will fail in its intent, as all the other leaks by Trump sympathizers have failed (like leaking James Comey's memos). What Mueller's questions show is how careful and comprehensive his investigation is, how much evidence he's uncovered, and it shows that Trump is definitely the target of the investigation, even if he's being deemed a "subject" (since he probably won't be indicted). And, of course, it's probable that these questions that were leaked are not a complete reveal of the whole of Mueller's investigation.


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