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Friday, June 08, 2018

More on Giuliani/Stormy/Melania

In the news: No, Melania Trump Didn’t Tell Rudy Giuliani She Believes President’s Stormy Daniels Denial.

Here's Anderson Cooper on Melania slapping down Giuliani ...

More from Amy Davidson at The New Yorker ... Rudy Giuliani Attacks Stormy Daniels But Disgraces Himself

[...] Clifford [Stormy Daniels], in fact, seems to be doing fine on the self-respect front. She worked in adult films, then moved on to directing them—a “legitimate and legal, I’d like to point out, career that I’ve worked very hard to establish,” as she described it on “60 Minutes.” She is proud to have succeeded at it. It is more of an honest living than some New York real-estate developers make. Her profession shouldn’t mean that she ought to be automatically distrusted, let alone attacked with impunity. But she has also made it clear that she knew that she was taking a risk by opening herself up to this kind of attack—something that can demand integrity and courage. (Clifford has said that one of the new expenses she has taken on, in addition to her legal fees, is for security.) And Giuliani jumped in, seemingly intent on playacting the role of a beat cop from a past century, who, in dealing with the woman who comes to tell him her story, looks at what she is wearing, smirks, and turns away—or, as Giuliani suggested in his “cross-examine” remark, the role of the lawyer who has no better tactic than to try to humiliate a witness, labelling her a loose woman. That is a form of sexual exploitation far more corrosive than any film that Clifford has ever made.

But Giuliani’s comments went beyond whether Clifford could be believed to whether she could even be hurt. “Explain to me how she could be damaged,” he said. “She has no reputation. If you’re going to sell your body for money, you just don’t have a reputation.” But Clifford does not say that Trump, against whom she has filed a defamation suit (in the Southern District of New York, Giuliani’s old territory), damaged her by calling her an adult-film star. She says that he damaged her by saying, on Twitter, that her account of being threatened not to talk about their sexual encounter was “a total con job”—and that she, by implication, was a total con woman, conspiring to sabotage the project to Make America Great Again. On Thursday morning, when NBC asked Giuliani whether he regretted his remarks, he said that he did not, dressing up his denial with a vague reference to feminism and daughters. He also said, “I don’t have to undermine her credibility. She’s done it by lying.”

And where to begin with the matter of Trump’s credibility in the Clifford case? ......

I don't understand how any woman can possible support the Republican party or Trump, given the obvious misogyny that pervades all they stand for, all they say, and all they do.


Blogger Katherine Nielsen said...

Giuliani is such a slime ball. He doesn't have any room to talk about undermining credibility, since he has made many outright nutty and false statements.

3:22 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Katherine. yeah, I think that's why he and Trump get along so well - two peas in a pod.

9:57 PM  

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