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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Trump cheats

Although Trump did agree (under duress) to allow the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh and has said they will "have free rein". But in reality ...

the White House counsel's office has given the FBI a list of witnesses it is permitted to interview. According to the report, officials who spoke to NBC on the condition of anonymity "characterized the White House instructions as a significant constraint on the FBI investigation and caution that such a limited scope, while not unusual in normal circumstances, may make it difficult to pursue additional leads in a case in which a Supreme Court nominee has been accused of sexual assault." - FBI Contacts Deborah Ramirez, Kavanaugh Accuser, As Investigation Begins

Heaven forbid the FBI might actually find out the truth. Stupid to think Trump would actually give this investigation a fair shot. And meanwhile, Trump wants the FBI to investigate Senator Feinstein as the person who "leaked" the information about Kavanaugh, because in Republican world what matters is the leaking, not *what* was leaked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a well-established process for the evaluation of a supreme court nomination candidate. Mrs. Ford sent her letter to Sen Feinstein this summer regarding her claims against Judge Kavanaugh. Sen Feinstein is well aware of the nomination process. When Mrs. Ford submitted her letter to the Senator she should have been informed by the Senator that the nomination process would be ending soon and the information needed to be passed on immediately.

If Senator Feinstein and Mrs. Ford wanted the information to be heard and investigated fully they would not have sat on their hands and leaked it to the press. They would have submitted the information immediately and had the committees review.

Mrs. Ford doesn't have enough credible information to even obtain a search warrant from a judge regarding Kavanaugh's alleged high school behavior. This is a simply a late attempt at a smear.

They had plenty of time to submit the information and have it fully investigated if that is what they wanted to do. Now the ambulance chaser attorney is trying to find more so-called victims of Judge Kavanaugh. This entire scam and behavior by Feinstein, the ambulance chaser attorney and whoever is paying the new victims and attorney is a disgrace to our country.

10:27 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

You make a lot of assumptions ....

Feinstein says neither she nor her staff leaked the letter. Ford spoke to many people about the events in the letter before she sent it, so it's possible that one of those people told the press.

There's no reason to assume the Republican controlled committee would have used Ford's information of it hadn't become public in the news. They kept the information about Ramirez secret until it came out in the press. Why would Ford have trusted the Republicans to give her info an honest review?

The confirmation hearing isn't a criminal court case. Ford doesn't have to info that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Kavanaugh attacked her. The allegations go to character.

I assume you mean Avenatti when you write "ambulance chaser". He is a reputable attorney who graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School, worked with Rahm Emanuel, and has won a number of prominent cases. If it wasn't for his Stormy Daniels case, Michael Cohen would not have flipped on Trump.

11:38 PM  

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