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Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking into the Vatican

- just another priest in the catacombs ;)

Tonight's movie was an old loaner from my sister that I hadn't seen before - Mission: Impossible III. What made it kind of interesting is that at one point the team must break into the Vatican ... the bad guy they want to kidnap is attending a party there. The movie really did film in Vatican City, but the interior shots were filmed at the Palace of Caserta. Some photos from Wikipedia's page on the palace - the Staircase of Honor ....

And the Palatine Chapel ....

And the Throne Room ....

But back to the movie - as the IM team knows, the Vatican won't be easy to break into as it's an 109 acres Sovereign State in the middle of Rome, surrounded by a sixty foot wall, which is monitored 24/7, with over 200 CCTV cameras. Here's Ethan getting over the Vatican's wall and then entering the buildings disguised as a priest with a bible :) ....

Overall, the film was pretty entertaining - I think I liked it best of the four IM movies I've seen, but Roger Ebert gave it only two and a half stars in his review.


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Great pictures, and thanks for the video!

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