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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In the UK

The Church of England has published its response to the Home Office Consultation on Equal Civil Marriage. It was disheartening to see that the C of E is making some of the same dubious claims in the debate that the US Bishops are making here in the US. Where this divides from what's happening in the US is how things are skewed by the unique relationship between the C of E and the UK government. Here's a bit on this from an article in The Guardian ...

Anglicans threaten rift with government over gay marriage

[...] The church's submission warns that despite ministerial assurances that churches would not have to conduct gay marriages, it would be "very doubtful" whether limiting same-sex couples to non-religious ceremonies would withstand a challenge at the European court of human rights.

This could make it impossible for the CofE to continue its role conducting marriages on behalf of the state, it warned.

Under the current law, anyone who is resident in England has a legal right to marry in his or her CofE parish church irrespective of religious affiliation. Around a quarter of weddings in England take place in CofE churches.

The church position as set out in the submission, which notes the CofE's "unique position" in relation to the performing of marriage ceremonies, potentially raises the prospect of the biggest rupture between the state and the Church of England since it became the established church 500 years ago.

It claims the proposals would redefine institution of marriage in English law, warning: "At the very least that raises new and as yet unexplored questions about the implications for the current duties which English law imposes on clergy of the Established Church." .....

I see that Anglican priest Giles Fraser has a post on this too - The Church of England says it is against gay marriage. Not in my name. Here's just the beginning of it ...

The Church of England has spoken. And apparently, we are against gay marriage. We are not "anti-gay", we hope you understand. After all, as the statement says: "We have supported various legal changes in recent years to remove unjustified discrimination and create greater rights for same sex couples." Oh, no. We are not homophobic. It's just that we (the straight religious people) think that if gay people are allowed to get hitched in church then that will ruin things for the rest of us. The presence of homosexuals at the altar, vowing lifelong love and fidelity, will devalue the institution of marriage. It would be like letting women join the Garrick.

Apologies for the sarcasm. But I am spitting blood about the latest ridiculous statement from the Church of England. First, it is worth exposing the straightforward lie that is expressed here – that the C of E hierarchy has been supportive of civil partnerships. It has not ...

For those interested, Thinking Anglicans has a post with lots of links on the subject - Church of England responds to government on Equal Civil Marriage.


Anonymous Victor said...

(((Apologies for the sarcasm. But I am spitting blood about the latest ridiculous statement from the Church of England ...)))

I hear ya sinner vic! What next? Will each and every Pro cells of Me become The U>S (usual sinners) Victor?

When will this "Prometheus" all stop Victor so that we gods receive our just reward?

"I'M" not quiet sure sinner vic if you even really exist yet! :)

Go Figure Folks!


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Hi Victor - I think you exist :)

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