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Monday, July 16, 2012

LSE podcast

Tonight I came upon a podcast from The London School of Economics, a panel discussion about the London Family Planning Summit. I'd seen the summit in the news so decided to give the podcast a listen. It was interesting and I was struck by how the people involved seemed so passionate about working to change the world for the better and to help those less fortunate. We may all disagree about how such things are best accomplished, but still, the desire to make a real difference for good is pretty compelling. Here's the podcast ....

And here's a video on the subject too ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Crystla! That's the longest tape I can remember listening to! :)

Victor! Victor! Victor! The developping world and the private sector which include the public sector with the social market equals a total market supply and demanding religious trap and we should have at least some power over other people's thoughts cause we are gods.

Listen Victor! Contraception is cost effective and good for family planning so let's give all woman in the world high quality contraception and to hell with these so called other gods who disagree with "IT". The spiritual reality GATE is NOW open for poor girls in the world who are born to die but can and will be averted so wake UP people and don't listen to this so called GOD (Good Old Dad) I mean gods who are really sins and who only want to control and transform U>S (usual sinners) and these gods have been doing this since Adam and Eve NOW!

ENOUGH ALREADY sinner vic! Let's bring everything out in the open and into the SON, I mean the sun light of GOD's (Good Old Dad) understanding and let's U>S talk about "IT" without violence so in other words, let's use a language that makes sense to all Saints, Martyrs, Prophets heart and spiritual reality heads who have truly been sent by GOD in a woman's womb out of love with an open endless mind and not only listen to "MEN" and wo men who think they are gods of "Time" and simply want to control woman.

Victor! Victor! Victor! we your 93% god cells tell you, "IT" does not make sense and you've got to stop listening to these 7% so called spiritual "Jesus Cells" of yours who really don't exist anymore than "Free Will"

does and they are not the real "GATE KEEPERS" if you know what "I" mean?

Sorry sinner vic, I didn't mean to get into the reality, spiritual bedrooms of "Nations" who want to protect their unborn children in their own way and in their own country!:)


7:55 AM  

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