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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Take nothing with you."

The gospel reading for tomorrow, Mk 6:7-13, has Jesus sending off the apostles with some advice. I really like the way this scene is portrayed in the movie Jesus - as he walks among the chosen, squeezing the shoulder of one, kissing another (Judas! :), and giving them the the apostle basics, he seems so encouraging, proud, and at the same time, a bit rueful. If you click on the video's status bar at 5:35 into it, you can see Jesus picking the 12 and then giving them their instructions, ending with a group hug :) ....


Anonymous Victor said...

Crystal, I've seen this movie clip and so many things seem to be changing cause in the pass when I heard Jesus having given instruction to His Apostles, did He not tell them to go two by two and in so many words, did He not tell His Apostles to leave their peace with the house who welcome them and to stay there and in so many other words did Jesus not also tell His Apotles to shake the dust from their feet for the house that did not accept them?

Why are there so many different versions nowadays? Are we really people of little faith and/or are people smarter nowadays knowing more than GOD (Good Old Dad) The Father of Jesus knows? :)


7:22 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Ddifferent gospels have a little bit different versions .... Matthew 10:5-42 .... Luke 9:1-5 .... Mark 6:7-13

10:20 PM  

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