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Monday, July 09, 2012

Return to Me

- Bob (Duchovny) gives Grace (Driver) a bike

This week's movie was an old one from the library - Return to Me - a 2000 movie filmed in Chicago, directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. It tells the story of a man whose wife dies and has her heart donated to another woman with whom he unknowingly ends up falling in love. It sounds like a drama and there are some sad parts but it's more a comedy.

I don't watch many "romantic" movies, I guess - I'm more likely to watch science fiction or fantasy or thrillers - but there are a few that I've liked very much, like Sense and Sensibility or Rebecca. This movie isn't as good as those, but still it was charming and touching. David Duchovny was good in it (I've been a fan since The X-Files) and so was everyone else, there are animals in it too :) and even a trip to Italy at the end. There were 264 customer reviews of the film at Amazon, 185 of which gave it 5 stars, so I guess I'm not alone in having liked it.

Couldn't find a good trailer for it, but here's an ET equivalent ....


Anonymous Victor said...

Watching this film just reminded me of our baby daughter's new song video titled "Are You Coming Along"

I've got to be careful cause she might start thinking that we're proud of her.:)


2:39 PM  

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