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Friday, July 06, 2012

New Jesus movie?

When I think of Paul Verhoeven, I think of the sci fi movies he's directed like RoboCop, Total Recall, or Starship Troopers, and I tend to forget a weird factoid about him ... he's a member of the Jesus Seminar ;)

I see in a post at the NT Blog that Verhoeven is making a movie about Jesus .... The Paul Verhoeven Jesus Film is to go ahead. Mark's post is worth a read.

Here's a short video interview with Verhoeven about a book he wrote about Jesus, a book from which the movie will probably draw ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Crystal! Don't ask me why, but at this moment "I" like this video and/or is "IT" that my weakest, strongest godly cells of today say so?

I hear ya! This can't be "The Victor" that my readers know, can "IT BE"?
and before any of U>S (usual sinning) cells accept any of these spiritual ethical politic con cept views, everyone of our spiritual reality cells want to hear from some of your 7% Jesus Cells before we go out to buy a sword so here are the rest of Victor's cells who will answer ya.

Gee thanks crystal and/or should I be thanking your "Jesus Cells" who are trying to love "Enemies" without using a ssssword of words on U>S. We 93% spiritual gods agree with salvage and this man cause Jesus told them in reality to defend themselves and very late, Jesus felt at the end before He died that they should defend themselves and finally people are waking up to the fact that "Jesus" was not a true god as we are and if ya don't believe me just ask Lucyfer....I mean The Gospel of Luc and read "IT" pretty clearly cause we don't want to go around in a spin so in my opinion love your enemies and take UP arms and maybe a few legs, joke, cause this "Jesus" was just a nice smart man ahead of his time who never truly believed that He walked on water so go out and get yourself a nice Christ Mass tree instead. Jesus we'll try to love our enemies butt remember we do "Love" you for who we thought YOU were and.....

"STOP "IT" sinner vic cause you know that you and your imaginary cells are just making fun of me, myself and i because no "ONE" on Earth and/or Heaven could know "This JESUS" THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD who was begotten not made. True that me, myself and i with the help of all of our brain cells begot you guys and gal cells but the difference is that I know what is real and what is truly make believe and GOD (Good Old Dad) did say that "I" was made in HIS OWN IMAGE butt guys and gals don't rush "IT" cause I'm not 100% dead yet and please don't give those so called 93% imaginary reality spiritual cells of mine a reason to go out and buy a polar bear cause if they did that then in reality, my blood, flesh and bones or should I say that my humanity would pay for "IT" alone if ya get my drift and then "I" wouldn't be able to write here and/or

here any longer. :)


3:06 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Sorry should have signed Victor

3:07 PM  

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