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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tibetan monk, the pope, animals imagine, and complementarianism not!

- How Many Self-Immolating Tibetans Does It Take to Make a Difference? ...

On Wednesday morning in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, a Tibetan monk drenched in gasoline appeared in front of a Buddhist stupa popular among Tibetans and set himself aflame ... the act has become the signature tactic in recent years of Tibetans voicing their frustrations with Chinese rule. It carries a haunting moral cry no suicide bomber can match. When one downtrodden Tunisian set himself alight in December 2010, the spark of his despair and anger kindled uprisings that swept across the Arab world. Yet, 100 Tibetan self-immolations — and many deaths — later, little has changed ...

- The Disastrous Influence of Pope Benedict XVI ...

Spare me any more reverential coverage about Pope Benedict XVI and his decision to give up his office. On a personal level, I wish him well. At the age of eighty-five and increasingly infirm, he surely deserves a rest. But as far as his record goes, he can’t leave office a moment too soon. His lengthy tenure at the Vatican, which included more than twenty years as the Catholic Church’s chief theological enforcer before he became Pope, in 2005, has been little short of disastrous. By setting its face against the modern world in general, and by dragging its feet in response to one of the worst scandals since the Reformation, Benedict’s Vatican has called the Church’s future into question, needlessly alienating countless people around the world who were brought up in its teachings. Not that it matters much, but you can count me among them ...

- Do animals have imagination? ...

[...] Decades of intensive observation have revealed that under some circumstances, animals can imagine the future or the past, can pay attention to imaginary objects, and can pretend that one object is another. In some extraordinary circumstances, non-human animals have been known to feign interest or emotion, a type of pretence, in order to distract a rival from food or a mate ...

- Men are from Mars Earth, women are from Venus Earth ...

For decades, popular writers have entertained readers with the premise that men and women are so psychologically dissimilar they could hail from entirely different planets. But a new study shows that it's time for the Mars/Venus theories about the sexes to come back to Earth.

From empathy and sexuality to science inclination and extroversion, statistical analysis of 122 different characteristics involving 13,301 individuals shows that men and women, by and large, do not fall into different groups. In other words, no matter how strange and inscrutable your partner may seem, their gender is probably only a small part of the problem ...


Anonymous Victor said...

(((needlessly alienating countless people around the world who were brought up in its teachings. Not that it matters much, but you can count me among them ...)))

You know what a Frenchman once said? The more things change the more they stay the same and long story short Victor, you're French is showing if ya get my drift? Ya all should agree that your Papa was wrong and that's why he quit. He should get with "IT" and allow same-sex-marriages and allow wo man to do what they want with their bodies cause he and his followers are all on the wrong side NOW.

sinner vic, "I'M" not going to argue here with ya cause crystal has been good to me butt me, myself and i will simply say that "TIME" will tell and leave "IT" at that for NOW!

Go Figure "IT" all NOW!


2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crystal if Victor had half a brain we would all be in big trouble with his so called 7% "Jesus" Cells NOW.

Don't rub "IT" in sinner vic!


2:28 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the links :)

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

She really didn't mean "IT" little retardo!

Enough now sinner vic! You're not really GOD and ya have no right to even think of looking into crystal hearts cause what if Victor soul really do exist and GOD (Good Old Dad) is truly "Father".

I hear ya sinner vic! "I AM YOUR FATHER!" :(

Go Figure NOW! :)


9:28 AM  

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