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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting medieval on predators

In the news from Australia/New Zealand - New Zealand Economist: Abolish Pet Cats to Save Birds. This reminds me of a past post at the NYT's philosophy blog about predation - The Meat Eaters. Te NYT's post is interesting but while I do want to limit the suffering and death of animals (hey, I'm a vegetarian with a birdbath and two bird feeders in my yard) I don't think going after predators is the best way to do that. And here are a few of my thoughts about the cat situation ....

- I'm intrigued by the irony that most of those in New Zealand/Australia calling for an end to non-ndigenous cats are themselves non-ndigenous descendants of European immigrants.

- Not all cats are devoted predators. Some have more atavistic brains than others and will hunt even when well fed, but others will raise baby squirrels as their own ...

- If cat owners are concerned about their cats hunting birds, they could make them indoor-only vats. My four cats were indoor-only. The mother of the other three was a stray and it took me a while to turn her into an indoor cat, but I was able to do so over time. My vet once told me outdoor cats live an average of four years - my indoor cats lived 15 - 18 years.

- If the problem is feral cats then deal with it responsibly by rewarding owners who neuter their pets, discouraging owners from abandoning their pets, and neutering feral cat colonies.

- I think there's a belief underlying this issue that being a predator is 'evil' and that cats are mean. I'm pretty sure this moralistic projection. If being a predator is evil and makes one worthy of extermination, then many of the very bird species that the New Zealanders/Australians want to protect should also be exterminated because they too are predators of rodents, other birds, and insects. And if we're getting rid of predators, humans are probably the most efficient predators of animal life, with hunting, experimentation, factory farming, and the continuing destruction of habitat.

- Finally: Alley Cat Allies Responds To Nature Study's Claims On Cats And Birds


Anonymous Victor said...

Dear Crystal,

This post reminds me of a dream that I had years ago and was wondering when I might be able to use "IT" cause "IT" seemed so read.

Long story short, I am being rolled on a stretcher to a kitchen where cows were being heard talking while waiting for their meal. Maybe they were talking about how delicious I might taste. Longer story short, the dream ended with humans coming in to rescue me and then I woke UP.

To take a little more time here, I've asked GOD what this dream was all about and as of today, His Angels seem to quietly say, Victor if science can take your DNA and create new life if the law allowed "IT", don't ya think that if GOD so chose, GOD could gave each and every "ONE" of our spiritual, reality Cells a Galaxy and still have plenty of Right Left over.

"I'M" "ONE" of those believe hers, I mean believers.

Go Figure NOW! :)


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Relax your crystals cause you've got a good heart.

1:16 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

1:21 PM  

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