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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fringe and Holy Week

I've just reached the end of the first season of Fringe, a science fiction tv series from a few years back that's a lot like The X-Files but with something thrown in as well: the multiverse (see what Edward Feser and Keith Ward and Brian Greene have to say on parallel universes). At the end of the final episode, There's More Than One of Everything, FBI agent Olivia Dunham is transported to see someone she's been trying to meet for a long time, William Bell (played by Leonard Nimoy), transported to a parallel universe where the twin towers of the World Trade Center are still standing ....

What does this have to do with Holy Week? I don't like Holy Week very much. Jesus comes to town, spends a few days seeing the sights with his friends, and then is captured, arrested, tortured, and killed. Whimsical and heterodox of me, I know, but I wonder about a Jesus who might have lived a long life of teaching and healing before being resurrected. If the multiverse theory is true, then maybe ...


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