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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What I saw today

- Hugo Boss: What I learned about Hugo Chávez's mental health when I visited Venezuela with Sean Penn - Christopher Hitchens

- SNAP’s “Dirty Dozen” list – the “papabile” who would be the worst choice for children

- Requiem for a Dream

- Where happens to priests who the church deems sexual offenders? They're often sent to a place like the Saint Luke Institute. In 2003 the Boston Globe won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles on clergy sex abuse and this was one of them ... Priest treatment unfolds in costly, secretive world

- Mary Stewart once wrote that It is easier to call the storm from the empty sky than to manipulate the heart of a man, but it looks like it's even harder to change his mind ... False beliefs persist, even after instant online corrections

- Strange stuff going on with the Bolshoi Ballet Theater. When I was in college I took a few ballet classes - so much fun. Professional ballet is one of the most demanding physical disciplines, I'd guess, and it must take a toll on the psyche as well. Her's a bit of the Bolshoi ...


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