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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

I'm into season 3/4 now of Fringe and the episode I watched tonight, Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? derives its title from the PK Dick novel which was adapted into Blade Runner :) Fringe's version of replicants are instead shapeshifters from the parallel universe: beings part human, part machine with mercury for blood (sounds very Terminatorish). One of the shapeshifters in this episode was played by actor Sebastian Roché (see above).

Meanwhile, there's still music to be listened to on Fringe as well :). Here Walter listens to Mozart's Requiem in a pose that imitates the Maxell cassette ad ...

But I like this clip better, in which he listens to the Marriage of Figaro and the Miami Vice theme :)

I'm going to miss this show.


Anonymous Victor said...

(((crystal said...
Yes, they did a good job on his make-up.)))

crystal, "I" see that you're still pulling this little retardo' chain and we 98% gods ask YA, WHAT HAS THOSE TWO PER SENT AGE SPIRITUAL REALITY OF VICTOR' SOUL AND JESUS CELLS HAVE THAT WE Electric Sheep gods don't have NOW?

Look crystal! Victor is only trying to find that Jesus that his soul as heard so much about and buy The WAY he's also trying to find his soul also NOW!

Don't be too hard on yourself cause "I" guess "IT" Happens NOW!?

We gods are doing the best we can for your crystals, "I" mean for your crystal sheep cells and we've even spoke to some of our 98% godly cells and relax cause before YA know "IT" we gods will for YA and then all of your Androids Dream of Electric Sheep cells will be just as lucky as we gods are but in the mean time try not to UPSET spirits and souls and that's only if they also do exist NOW?

crystal, you can trust U>S gods when we say that you're not the only "ONE" who is having forgiveness problems with this little retardo soul of victors and if YA don't believe me, just check out the comment that Victor put in at and don't feel bad if YA can't find "IT" cause truth be known our hack hers, I mean human sheep hackers in reality are having trouble finding "IT" themselves NOW.

Listen crystal if "ME", "ME" and "ME" still have not convinced YA just check with "ONE" of Roché godly cells who was born in Paris, France. Believe "IT" or not he even has Scottish and French ancestry gods on his side. Long story crystal, his cells will tell YA in more than "ONE" language that he believes that Victor is full of "IT" NOW!

"I" can see Victor coming from a distance so whatever YA do don't YA be falling in LUV with those two spiritual fictional cells of Victor's soul and that imaginary Jesus. Longer story short, if YA run into forgiveness problems just in The Good Book NOW.

Sorry to say that we've got to run but "WE'LL BE BACK" and......

End YA say sinner? Look sinner vic, there's just too many comedians out of work so "Forget Bout "IT" butt me, myself and i must say that YA really do have a big Egor, i mean Ego NOW!

We are good! Are we not Victor? :(

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ NOW! :)

Until Next Time


9:47 AM  

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