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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some links

- New Zealand chooses marriage equality :) the song they sing is Māori ...

- An interesting post at the NYT's philosophy blog on HP Lovecraft. Can't read the name Lovecraft without thinking Cthulhu :) ....

- I'm signed up for Rob Bell's What We Talk About When We Talk About God at the library, but in the meantime, here's Bell speaking at Vanderbilt University on the book. He's an interesting guy :) There's quite a bit of introduction so click on the video at about 14:45 minutes in to skip to where Bell actually begins speaking ...


Anonymous Victor said...

(((There's quite a bit of introduction so click on the video at about 14:45 minutes in to skip to where Bell actually begins speaking ...)))

Crystal! "I" don't know about Victor but "ME", "ME" and "ME" could write a book about this post butt Victor's "ONE" per send age soul and so called "Jesus" won't let U>S (usual sinners) do "IT" here cause they think that you're just being too nice to us and "I" ask YA, how silly is that NOW?

Hey "I" better not waste time because "I've" been warned by those two little retardo per sent age soul and Jesus to respect YA but we 98% spriritual reality godly cells of Victor's flesh always respect YA! Don't we NOW?

I hear YA! OK! OK!!! I first want to thank you for not wishing Victor a "Happy Birthday" yesterday and as far as we gods are concerned Victor's got WAY too big of an Egor, "I" mean Ego if YA get my drift NOW?

"I" like this Bell and "I" must thank YA for warning U>S to start at the 14:45 time LINE but Victor wouldn't hear of "IT" here and long story short, those two silly cells wouldn't let U>S take a Quantum leap but we at least convinced him to have his music turned on at the same time. Don't tell any body crystal but "I" never thought that country music could sound that good if YA "know what "I" mean" NOW? Gee but "I" must say that I truly loved that first preach her, "I" mean preacher' suit and those shoes that was warned by that by stand her, I mean bystander, well let's just say that "I" didn't see a bad soul, "I" mean, "I" don't think that there was "ONE" bad sole in sight NOW!

My first question to 'you', "I" mean YA crystal is, do you know if this Bell is really alive cause for a normal man he really does ring a loud bell and some of Victor's Adam, "I" mean atom "Jesus" cells keep telling "ME", "ME" and "ME" that the dead should envy the living or is that the other WAY around NOW? "IT" don't matter cause we 98% godly cells don't believe that we're ever going to lose when "Jesus" says that the last will be first and the first of U>S will be last. How silly can that prodigal soul and his "Jesus" be and.....

End YA say sinner vic?

High Victor! "I" was just telling crystal how much YA liked this post of HERS so why won't YA let U>S gods tell her brain cells more NOW?

Enough is Enough sinner vic!!

Go Figure brother and sisters in Christ? :)


2:25 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Victor :)

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Thank You Crystal

May GOD (Good Old Dad) Bless all your spiritual reality cells with HIS, "I" mean HER discernment of spirits till they can all meet on the other side.

Really sinner vic?

Go Figure NOW! :)


5:55 AM  

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