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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vocations, Pius, and the Shroud

- Rabbi Abraham Skorka, a friend of the pope's, says he believes Francis will open up the Vatican archive material on Pius XII. I hope he's right. I've had numerous posts on Pius XII and how he shouldn't be made a saint (like Catholic scholars write B16 about Pius XII) and the info in the archives might make clear why Pius is not canonization-worthy (or not - would the Vatican save incriminating material?). Here's Rabbi Skorka, who is more charitable about Pius than I am ...

- The UK Catholic public relations group, Catholic Voices, mentions there's a rise in religious vocations in the UK, 41 men wanting to be priests. This sounds good from a conservative pov (you know, married men and women need not apply) until you compare it with the number of people wanting to be priests in the Church of England ... I don't know the figures for this year, but in 2010, Andrew Brown wrote that the C of E had 600 men and women training to be priests in the UK.

- I missed that the pope had made a short video about the Shroud of Turin. There was a post about it at the Episcopal Cafe - Shroud of Turin and physics of resurrection. I've been intrigued by the shroud since I read a science fiction trilogy years ago about it.


Anonymous Richard said...

If we would have done what what we could have done but didn't do would it have made a difference? A haunting question...

3:41 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

'what if' ... always a hard question to answer.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Hi crystal and Rich,

(((Here's Rabbi Skorka, who is more charitable about Pius than I am...)))

"IT" is crystal.

I hear YA! Hey sinner vic so let's leave my readers out of "IT" NOW!?

NO! NO! NO! crystal, It is me Victor who wants to tell you about a dream he had, "I" mean we had last night but between you and me, it was more like a nightmare NOW.

i think that the party which my wife took me to must have set it off cause, i am on my way home and while going down Lori hey, "I" mean Laurier Street, the brakes are not working so instead of making a "Left" turn like his, "I" mean our wife, wanted U>S to make we had no choice but to take a "Right" turn and wouldn't YA know "IT", , "I'M" turning, there's a police office her, "I" mean police officer going through a red light so "I" stayed on "The Right" if YA get my drift NOW?

Anyway!!!!! Sorry Crystal but i can't finish this NOW!!!!


Be nice sinner vic! Please, don't be like that cause i'm doing the best that me, myself and i can and i only wish that my good wife was here to help me out of this NOW.

Sorry Crystal we gods will have to do this "HOPE SPRINGS" movie at another time cause this little butt is crying like the big cry baby that he his NOW. In other "WORDS" he won't accept that hope does not spring Eternal and so all of U>S (usual sinners) will simply play Victor's wedding song that The Angels made just for "MAN and WO MAN and let's "IT" be for NOW!

I hear YA! What an Egor, I mean Ego!

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ! :)


12:15 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

"C" is for cookie :)

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Victor said...


What's so funny Victor? :(


2:37 PM  

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