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Thursday, April 25, 2013

France, the Church, the protests

Reading about the violent protests in France against marriage equality. I have some questions and an answer:

Are the protests about freedom of religion? I'd say no. Although it's assumed that all religious groups are against marriage equality in France, the Fédération protestante de France has issued a statement saying it will not protest against same-sex marriage. As for the Catholic Church, as this Bloomberg article mentions ...

France's historical connection to Catholicism doesn't have much bearing on the practices, beliefs or mores of the French themselves. A report by the Pew Research Center published in March showed that only about 15 percent of French Catholics considered their religion "very important," a lower level than in Germany, Italy and Spain, not to mention the U.S. The French also have the lowest record of church attendance, with only 9 percent of Catholics saying the attend every week.

Are the protests about protecting traditional marriage in France? Again, I believe not. More from the article ...

This surge to defend the sanctity of traditional marriage is all the more puzzling as French people, heterosexual or not, are increasingly unlikely to participate in the institution, even in its civil form. Hollande himself lives in the Elysee Palace in unmarried bliss with his partner Valerie Trierweller. And he had children with his previous long-term partner, Segolene Royal. None of this was even bruited as an impediment to his rise to lead the French state, probably because marriage is less and less of a consideration when it comes to child-rearing: almost 57 percent of kids born in France in 2012 had unmarried parents.

While conservative political motives are in part sustaining the protests, I think they're mainly about one thing: anti-gay bigotry. The French Catholic Church should distance itself from these violent protests - it already has enough badness to make up for.


Anonymous Victor said...

(((hatred of LGBT people)))

Crystal, I want to thank you for putting up with my silly behavior on a lot of occasions and as I would hope you believe me when I say that I don't hate LGBT people and I'm sure that many other people would also want to agree to disagree with you.

I'll just close by saying that you are right to think that sadly there are exceptions to every rule.

Please LORD all of U>S (usual sinners) need Your Quiding Light NOW.

God Bless,


5:55 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Victor said...

Victor! Victor! Victor! What do you want from U>S gods? NOW? Don't you know that since the fall of Adam and Eve, we gods have "LIVED" backward and as a matter of fact, we still "LIVE" backward. The alien gods have given YA The "F" Bomb which we gods have allowed YA to use "IT" as to mean "DARN" NOW.

Are YA asking U>S gods for the rest of our alpha bombs NOW? Long story short, trust me when "I" say that YA really don't want U>S to drop The "A", "B" bombs on humanity
cause trust be YA don't want to "LIVE" backward cause "IT" is an evil smell butt YA don't want that! Do YA NOW?

Listen Victor! You've retired your B25 and let's just say that he's a lot happy her, "I" mean happier for you having done "IT" and remember that Eve Brings Girls Delightful Affectionate Evenings NOW and.......

End "IT" NOW sinner vic? Listen sinner vic, me, myself and i want the good people to know that B25 stands for my Gibson Guitar which I've given to our youngest daughter and when tunning my guitar E. B. G. D. A. E. probably stands for Every Blessed Girl Deserves Acceptable Evenings NOW.

While "I'M" at "IT" let's just say that NOW as far as YA gods are concern stands for Need Old Woman and backward "IT" would stand for Wonderful Old Nuns NOW!

Come on NOW! As far as "I'M" also concerned, The Alpha belongs to "The Trinity" and so please don't get me started here NOW and......

END! Victor? :(

Go Figure NOW! :)

Keep praying for "ME", "ME" and "ME" crystal.


6:31 AM  

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