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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Why Does Music Feel So Good?. A lot of the music I hear is heard accidentally: muzak at the store or that shows up on whatever movie or tv program I'm watching. Here are a couple of the latest :) - this from the White Tulip episode of Fringe ...

And this from Whole Foods muzak ....


Blogger Victor said...

aHi again Crystal

Watching the video of
(Tubeway Army - Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric) reminded me of the eighties when a friend of mined talked me into joining our cities musicians union association and long story short I was a good solo performer and longer story short, sinner vic had booking everyday and couldn't talk me into travelling and I thank GOD for that NOW.

I hear YA! "IT" don't come easy NOW! :)


6:51 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Are you a musician?

10:10 PM  
Blogger Victor said...

Let's just say that when I was younger, I probably thought that I was a musician but truth be known just because I knew hundreds of songs by heart and could strum with seven or eight keys well sinner vic taught that he was a god NOW!

Longer story short! I could have made a living back then in our city but sinner vic alien gods, I mean my gut feeling convinced me to give "IT" UP and get a real job if I was not prepared to travel! (lol)

I'll share only "ONE" performance with your audience which is the day I played in our city jail and an old friend who worked with me at an hotel in the early and/or mid seventies had landed a job there so he help me get around the jail.

Anyway, I got to use a line that went something like this: Well this is my first real captive audience.

I hear ya, you were on the other side of the bars NOW?

Longer story short, I even enjoyed the non stop singing for "ONE" hour and 1/2 with the boys and then they moved me upstairs to play for the girls for another one 1/2 hour and I'm sure that I was probably being mentioned in their letters to their loved ones as I was singing. I won't even guess at the numbers of humans that I performed for but "IT" must have been a weekend day if ya get my drift?

I'll closed by saying that God has really blessed me and go finish reading your other post NOW!

Thanks for asking. :)


9:27 AM  

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