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Sunday, October 06, 2013


This week's questionable ;) movie from the library was - Inescapable. Here's the blurb at Amazon ...

Twenty-five years ago Adib (Alexander Siddig, Syriana, Cairo Time), a promising young officer in the Syrian military police, suddenly left Damascus under suspicious circumstances. Abandoning the love of his life Fatima (Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler, The Ides of March), he made his way to Canada and wiped the slate clean. With a beautiful wife, two grown daughters, and a great job in Toronto, Adib is confident he s built a successful life from scratch. But when his daughter Muna suddenly disappears in Damascus, his past threatens to violently catch up to him. Teaming up with a Canadian emissary (Joshua Jackson, Fringe), Adib must now confront the turmoil he thought he left behind so many years ago in order to find Muna. Both a tense mystery and a stirring character drama, INESCAPABLE is an action-packed thriller driven by the undying and uncompromising love between a father and his daughter.

I chose it because of the actors: Dr. Bashir of DS9 (Alexander Siddig) was the main character in the film ...

Also in it, Joshua Jackson, who was Peter in Fringe and Oded Fehr of The Mummy :) ...

But sadly it wasn't a great movie - you can read a review at the NYT: You Can’t Escape the Past, and Other Truisms. Here's the trailer ...


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