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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What I saw today

- The government shutdown is killing lab animals: How the Shutdown Is Devastating Biomedical Scientists and Killing Their Research

- The effect of diminished belief in free will: Studies have shown that people who believe things happen randomly and not through our own choice often behave much worse than those who believe the opposite.

- Gregory Berns, professor of neuroeconomics at Emory University, writes in the NYT about a study of dogs minds (yes, they have minds :) through an MRI: Dogs Are People, Too ...

- Keith Ward gives a lecture on the Omega Point ...


Anonymous Victor said...
Crystal, I really liked this clip video about about dogs and.....

AND JUST HOLD THERE VICTOR! Crystal we gods are tired of listening to this little retardo and
the closer you get to Canada, the more you'll know what "I" mean now.
Victor is just trying to scare us cause he's old now and if he keeps "IT" UP, we're just going to fly away now!
We gods have had enough of his so called non believable mystic gods
who just want a share of what we found now.
Don't trust Victor Crystal cause all he's good for his throwing rocks at innocent people and
we alien gods, "I" mean children of gods are not going to put UP with "IT" any longer now!
Come on Crystal, Jeff, "I" mean Fred Clark has had enough of VS. "I" mean Victor Savard, "I" mean look at some of the stuff he's been writing against us
here now?
Now he wants to scar us by keeping U>S (usual sinners) "I" mean gods off the internet all to get her, "I" together now!

What next we 96% gods want to know before these so called "ONE", "I" mean four per sent age of Victor's father, mother, son and holy spirit give us our true inheritance
now and......

END YA SAY sinner vic?

Go Figure people? :)

God Bless Peace

10:27 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hee hee - I want a window like that one in the commercial :)

1:05 PM  

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