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Friday, November 29, 2013

Evangelii Gaudium and the Pilling report

Reading Andrew Brown's post, The Pilling report: a blessing for gay people but not for conservatives ...

[...] The report itself does nothing more than formalise three things that everyone who cares already knows: that there is nothing to stop determined vicars from blessing gay partnerships – the earliest English liturgy for this was published in 1993, I believe – that conservative evangelicals would rather leave the church of England than accept this, and that the question can no longer be ignored in the hope that it will go away .....

The argument that doing the right thing would be a betrayal of all those Christians who did the wrong thing in the past was one that led the Roman Catholic church into its catastrophic restatement of the ban on contraception. The Church of England can be very silly sometimes, but surely not quite as silly as that.

The fact that the Church of England is now dealing with important issues, however lamely, that the Catholic Church won't, made me think of the recent Exhortation from Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium.

As this post mentions, there are a number of issues addressed in the pope's Exhortation - the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus, of a fair economy, of collegiality, of reform, of inter-religious dialogue - but a majority of Catholic lay people and clergy have been advocating for these things for years ... what's new and exciting is not the idea of these issues, but that a pope has finally recognized their importance. And the church's stance on many of the issues that have been so divisive as to drive people away from the church ... same-sex marriage, women's ordination, clergy sex abuse and its cover-up, mandatory celibacy , women's reproductive concerns, divorce .... are either unaddressed or justified in Evangelii Gaudium.

I understand the relief and joy many feel about having a pope who finally comes close to manifesting our hopes in the areas of spirituality, economic justice, ecumenism, and horizontal governing. But those of us with particular interests .... women, LGBT folks, sex abuse victims, to name a few ... are still waiting for a pope who will care enough about us to make a difference for us in the church. I want a church where no one is left behind and I don't think it's just to settle for less.


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Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

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