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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

From the dreams of the blind to Vatican tourist attractions

- How the Blind Dream. Of interest to me, given my eye disease. Sometimes people are surprised to learn that though I can't see very well in real life, I can see perfectly in my dreams.

- Philip Endean SJ writes about Lent: On Not Giving Up Too Easily: Thoughts for Ash Wednesday

- Whatever Happened to Hippy Jesus? The articles contrasts the laid back movies of the 70s (example: Jesus Christ Superstar) with what seem like more seriously didactic contemporary films like the new Son of God and the past The Passion of the Christ. But they disregard the movie that breaks both those molds: my favorite one, Jesus ... I doubt you'll find another Jesus movie in which he tells bad jokes, considers marriage with Mary of Bethany, and tells the disciples that he made a mistake about his mission (the Canaanite woman).

- I find it sadly ironic that as Pope Francis asks religious orders to use their financial assets "for the service of humanity", the Jesuits have sold off an area of old growth forest and a retreat house to developers, against local protests.

- Meanwhile the pope himself gives what I think are mixed messages on finance, with his decision to open the gardens of Castel Gandolfo as a commercial tourist attraction (approximately $600 (?) for groups of up to 15 people to tour the gardens ... ouch!). Why not allow the public to view the estate for free? Learn more about the Properties of the Holy See at Wikipedia.


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