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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy birthday, George :)

It's been 50 years this month since the Beatles invaded - The Beatles Invasion, 50 Years Ago: Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1964 - and today would have been George Harrison's 71st birthday. I'll take this chance to recommend Martin Scorsese's film, George Harrison: Living in the Material World. And here are some of George's songs I like ....

Ok, this one below is Clapton ;) with Paul and Ringo (and George's son), but still, George's song ...


Blogger Dina said...

"Music has charms ..."

I remember the beginning of the Beatles, when I was still in Chicago, in my college years. How can it be that half a century has passed? But I don't feel like an oldie--maybe thanks to the Beatles? :)

12:15 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

I just recently rented the movie A Hard Day's Night and it was so cheerful to see them all young and happy - it doesn't seem like that could have been so long ago. Music is timeless :)

1:39 AM  

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