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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Jesus' appearance

There's something at the Jesuit Post about the new Jesus movie ...

... and about how Jesus is portrayed in art and film. There's actually a Wikipedia page on this subject: Race and appearance of Jesus. The only description of him I ever remember reading of was by Celsus, who I believe wrote that he was unattractive, but there were not any particular descriptions of him in the gospels, and I like that because everyone is then free to imagine him as they wish. Some movie depictions I recall ...

- Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth

- Jesus and his mom, from The Passion of the Christ

- Jesus and his mom from Jesus

- from The Gospel of John

There's no artistic representation that I especially like, but the ones that always come to mind when I think of Jesus in art are ...

- the Jesus from Hagia Sophia

- Thorvaldsen's statue

- Sermon on the mountain by Károly Ferenczy

But when I imagine Jesus in prayer, he keeps changing appearance depending on what's moving me at the time. For the last while he's looked like Peter from Fringe :) ...


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