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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Eureka Street and David Marr on George Pell

Today NCR linked to a number of posts about George Pell, some of them from the Australian Jesuit site, Eureka Street: Commission hearings' trail of collateral devastation by theology professor Neil Ormerod, Church honours market over Gospel in abuse cases by Jesuit Andrew Hamilton, and Deeper dysfunction behind the Ellis case by journalist Tim Wallace.

Another of the articles about Pell mentioned at NCR was by journalist David Marr - A cup of tea with the cardinal: what George Pell did in the Ellis case. In an earlier post I had pasted a news interview with him on this subject. Here it is again ...

You can read a couple of past related articles from Eureka Street: No copping out of abuse blame and Coming out of Cardinal Pell's shadow, and a related article from ABC Religion & Ethics - Restoring faith: Child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church.

And if interested, see my past posts about Pell ... Pell, sex abuse, church money ... Cardinal Pell and the Ellis sex abuse case ... Cardinal Pell


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