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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Passive-aggressive Pope Francis

Humor is used as a way to shame and silence people so that they fail to question or challenge the underlying meanings embedded in the oh-so-innocent joke [but] It’s important to call people out on offensive jokes ...
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In a recent interview, Pope Francis jokes 'woman was from a rib' as he avoids vow to reform church, the Pope commented on women ...

In his first interview with a female journalist since his election to the spiritual leadership of the world's 1.2 billion baptised Catholics, Pope Francis dodged a string of questions about whether he intended raising the status of women in his church ....

when his interviewer, the Vatican correspondent of the Rome daily Il Messaggero, Franca Giansoldati, asked him whether he could detect an underlying misogyny in the Catholic church, Francis replied: "The fact is that woman was taken from a rib." Giansoldati wrote that he then laughed "heartily" before saying: "I'm joking. That was a joke."

The 77-year-old pontiff went on: "The issue of women needs to be gone into in more depth, otherwise you can't understand the church itself." But did he envisage, say, appointing a woman to head a Vatican department? "Well," replied the pope cryptically. "Priests often end up under the sway of their housekeepers." ....

At NCR, Phyllis Zagano wrote about the interview ...

[...] I cannot believe that a world-class person like Francis, who seems so much in touch with individuals and their suffering, is capable of making remarks such as these. Yet I know he lives in a society where the ordinary needs of clerics are often taken care of by unmarried women or religious sisters who cook, clean, do laundry, order supplies and serve as receptionists, often on nights and weekends. Just like Mom ....

When you catch some priests or bishops making similar comments, they chuckle, "Oh, no, ha ha, just joking." Other clerics, the ones who buy their own groceries and cook their own chicken, may smile wanly and say nothing when such wisecracks fly past. Only a very few will man up to the fact that these words hurled in jest have insulted a woman, thereby all women, thereby half the body of Christ. That, after all, is the bottom line. The men who think like this just don't get it. Will they ever? How can the church move forward when the "we" is all male, all the time, and women are the "they" to be both ridiculed and theologized about?

What I find especially depressing is that most people are so grateful for the positives about Francis, that they are willing to ignore his attitudes about women.

Some articles about Francis and women from the past ....

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Blogger Victor said...

((( Passive-aggressive Pope Francis )))

Long story short! As far as I'm concerned, wo man do come from the spiritual rib of Adam and having said that, "IT" is no reason to mistreat our creation of godly woman like many have done in the past and are still doing these days....

Longer story shorter! If I've been miss led all these years and "Jesus Christ" and the teaching of The Bible that I still don't read but have heard many a Gospel Stories that human have literally gave their lives for this truth then......

Crystal! Let's just say that if I've been lied to, "ME", "ME" and "ME" with be siding with all of these alien Transform her, "I" mean Transformer and all of US (usual sinners) "I" mean us gods will give them all a soul cause we 95% will just stand aside and see what Victor's so called skitso five per sent age cells of that imaginary "Jesus Father" can do to stop us gods and.....................and...................and....................


Go Figure Brothers and sister in Christ these days?

I hear YA Crystal! Victor what if in the long run, we all end UP finding ourselves simply between lust and watching TV? LOL :)

Peace be with you and yours

9:18 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor,

Transformers movie? Have you seen it? Is it good?

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Richard said...

More telling I think are the "most beautiful thing" and "feminine touch" remarks. I guess pope's are supposed to be patronizing but sheesh :p

11:00 PM  

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