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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


- Remembering this movie about Augustine. I've been hoping it would show up at Netflix, but it hasn't so far. I think it can be watched online, though. The trailer makes it looks so interesting ...

- From NT scholar Candida Moss, The Bloody History of Valentine’s Day

- Did Christopher Hitchens Really Call Mother Teresa a "Thieving, Fanatical Albanian Dwarf"?

- Jon Stewart's 10 Best Religion Moments. My favorite of these was when he discussed the films Noah and Son of God.

- I once read a study - can't remember where now - that found it was conservative men, not liberal men, who were the most obsessed with kink, and it's my contention that Fifty Shades of Grey has more in common with the conservative sex classes of Christopher West and JPII's creepy Theology of the Body than it has with anything liberal. What made me think of this was an article I saw today by Joseph Heschmeyer at First Things on the Fifty Shades of Grey ...

[W]hat are fans of the Fifty Shades series seeking? One answer is that there’s a hunger that’s not being satisfied: Namely, for men who are unabashedly masculine, who aren’t afraid to take control, and to lead. That is, there’s a longing (even a lusting) for men who aren’t afraid of what’s classically been called “headship.” To this end, while Fifty Shades subverts Christian sexual morality, it subverts the modern crusade for “genderlessness” all the more ...

I'd classify this under 'wishful thinking' ;)


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