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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bishop Finn

US Bishop Finn, symbol of church's failure on sexual abuse, resigns.

I'm glad to see this, of course, but cynical me (Pope Francis is failing on sex abuse ) recalls that it has taken 2+ years for Pope Francis to "accept the resignation" of a criminally convicted Finn, that this comes after nagging from the civilian members of his sex abuse commission, that this (and the ending of the investigation of the US nuns) conveniently comes prior to the pope's planned visit to the US, and that numerous bishops and cardinals who have been thought to have covered up abuse (including Chilean Bishop Juan Barros) remain in place.

Does this mean the pope will only remove bishops who are convicted of covering up abuse but not those like Roger Mahony (Los Angeles Cardinal Hid Abuse, Files Show) and Bernard Law (Pope Francis: Controversy Arises with Disgraced US Cardinal Bernard Law) who have not been charged because of statutes of limitation? Why? Will he then remove Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson who's been charged with covering up sex abuse if he is convicted?

Time will tell.


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