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Friday, April 24, 2015


- From the latest issue of The Way: Thoughts on Hell by Joseph A. Munitz SJ

- Catholic Church launches campaign to reshape Junipero Serra's image

- The Child Victims Act ... In New York, the Catholic Church hierarchy fights against allowing sex abuse victims more time in which to report abuse, but lay Catholic groups instead fight to allow abuse victims more time.

- From David Clohessy in The Guardian: Pope Francis must do more to protect children from Catholic church abuse

- An article on the Shroud of Turin by the British Jesuits. I don't understand how the shroud continues to be the most popular relic of the church, given that it's been shown to be a fraud (even David Gibson described it as "a medieval forgery"). Apparently, many people think the fact that the shroud is a fake doesn't actually matter as far as their belief in it goes ... I find this bizarre.


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