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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fr. Roy Bourgeois

Here's a talk from last July by Fr. Roy Bourgeois. He speaks about his time as a naval officer in Vietnam (Purple Heart), how he came to join the Maryknoll order, his assignment in Bolivia, and his introduction to liberation theology. Later he went back to Central America, to El Salvador, just after Archbishop Romero had been killed, where he was put in prison for criticizing the military - he speaks too of the Jesuits who were murdered there. He then talks about his work against the School of the Americas.

He speaks also of his support for marriage equality, and the idea of women becoming priests. He's not alone on women's ordination: priests from Karl Rahner SJ to Willima Barry SJ have supported it, but there's a terrible climate of fear surrounding the subject in our church. It is to the Catholic church's everlasting shame that it excommunicated and laicized Fr. Bourgeois. When he was done speaking, the lady who introduced him ended with ... "Thank you, Fr. Roy. For us, it will always be "Father" Roy."


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