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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Haven't posted much lately - a lot on my mind. Misty the stray cat, perhaps the most fertile cat on the planet, has had another kitten (or kittens?). I've been trying to get her spayed but she's very elusive. Now there is at least one kitten with Misty in a cat igloo in the garage, or so my sister tells me ... I can't see very well and can't crouch down to look in the igloo because my knee has been almost unbendable. After tests the doc said tatty cartilage and arthritis are causing fluid in the joint. Creepy to watch someone stick a needle into the side of your knee and draw out two big syringes of liquid. Anyway, I must find a home for the kittens somehow, saying I can catch them before they become feral and join the 9 homeless cats I'm already feeding ... argh! Now on to the links ...

- The next book I'm signed up for at the library is The Martian: A Novel (you know, the book from which the movie with Matt Damon was made). Anyway, saw this today ... The surprising story of how Andy Weir's self-published book 'The Martian' topped best seller lists and got a movie deal

- The (Re-)Invention of the Soul Mate. The synod for the family is coming up and it seems like those guys still don't understand contemporary marriage. Maybe this article would help them.

- Pope Francis To Open 30-Bed Homeless Shelter Steps From Vatican Walls

- Envision 2050: The Future Of The Oceans

- Pregnant, Parenting, and Pro-Choice: A New Tumblr Reminds Us That Pro-Choice Is Not Anti-Baby

- I came upon this Georgetown University article by accident while looking for something else. Kind of a depressing historical anit-The Mission situation ... The Jesuits’ Slaves

- A review of the Jurassic World movie from the British Jesuit site, Thinking Faith - I'm so looking forward to seeing the movie :) Here's just the beginning ...

A thin crack appears in a fragile egg. There is movement within. The shell begins to split and a claw reaches out, grasping at the air of modern-day Costa Rica. Two worlds collide, yet again: primordial pre-history and contemporary capitalism; the base primitivism of dinosaurs, brought back to ferocious life for human amusement and consumption. In this scenario, creation breeds destruction, and life, death.

Thus begins the fourth film in the Jurassic Park series. But as one of the first blockbusters to be released this summer, Jurassic World marks more than just the rebooting of another, tired Hollywood franchise. This is a visceral, raw re-birth. Clinging tightly to the essence of 1993's classic original, Jurassic World retains much of what made its first predecessor so potent. There are some genuinely terrifying set-pieces, moments of real humour, and a cast that engages the audience and retains our interest ...


Blogger Dina said...

Oi Crystal, that is a lot to deal with. Wishing you vast improvement on your knee.

12:28 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Thanks, Dina :)

1:14 AM  

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