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Friday, July 29, 2016

Cardinal Pell and Tim Kaine

A couple of things in the news ...

- Cardinal Pell is once again alleged to have committed sex abuse: Australian Police Investigating Cardinal Over Sex-Abuse Allegations. Of course, the Pope will just ignore this latest negative info on Pell as he has since he chose Pell for a high spot at the Vatican: Cardinal George Pell won’t be asked to stand down from Vatican post, church insiders say. For more on Pell, check out my post from last year, The continuing badness of Cardinal Pell

- Hillary's VP pick, Tim Kaine, has gone back and forth on his stance on the Hyde Amendment. The latest has him saying he supports keeping it ... Tim Kaine Still Believes That Poor People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Pay for Abortions With Medicaid. This is bad news for those of us who care about women's rights ... Tim Kaine Supports the Hyde Amendment but Says He’s Pro-Choice. That’s Impossible. Maybe it's not too late for Hillary to swap him out.


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