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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sessions testifies before Senate

I watched Sessions testifying before the Senate today. It was quite discouraging ... Jeff Sessions and the Trail of Unanswered Questions

The Republican senators spent their question times schmoozing with Sessions - I'm surprised they didn't kiss his ring. The questions the Democrats wanted to ask ... questions about his conversations with Trump, questions about his part in Comey's firing, questions about his meetings with Russians .... were all either stonewalled or dragged down incomprehensible and time-eating rabbit holes.

I guess he is protecting Trump and of course himself, but all this obfuscation does is reinforce everyone's belief that there is something very bad being hidden by Trump and his minions. Will Mueller have the power to make these people answer all asked questions?

Here's one of my senators, Kamala Harris, trying to get a straight answer from Sessions (Kamala Harris Got Shut Down After Asking an Incredibly Important Question. Again) ...

And here is the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, on Sessions' testimony, from PBS NewsHour ...


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