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Monday, July 09, 2018

Trump picks Kavanaugh

I'm glad to see that Trump did not pick religious extremist Amy Coney Barret as I had feared, but instead chose Brett Kavanaugh.

Still, having said that, Kavanaugh is what one would expect from someone on the Federalist Society/Heritage Foundation list of nominees ... a fairly extreme conservative.

In 2017 he was among those of a three judge panel who tried to prevent undocumented immigrant teens in US custody from obtaining abortions - that decision was reversed on appeal to the full court but he dissented ...

In a statement, Kavanaugh said the court’s decision creates “a new right” for unlawful immigrant minors who are being federally detained in the U.S. to get an “immediate abortion on demand,” an approach he said is “radically inconsistent with 40 years of Supreme Court precedent ... [but] ... Millett slammed Kavanaugh’s claim that the court is creating abortion "on demand." “Unless Judge Kavanaugh’s dissenting opinion means the demands of the Constitution and Texas law. With that I would agree,” she wrote, noting that Jane Doe has already satisfied every requirement of state law to obtain the abortion. ”

That phrase "abortion on demand" is a favorite of conservative pro-life organizations ... Trump's potential court picks scrutinized for 'code' words on Roe v. Wade ... and ... Abortion on demand' phrase pushes idea women will get abortions as easy as choosing a Netflix movie.

But it's not just about women's reproductive rights ...

Kavanaugh is also hostile to the Affordable Care Act ... Brett Kavanaugh could take an ax to Obamacare

Kavanaugh also apparently lied about his role in the torture of detainees during the Bush administration ... Federal Judge Downplayed Role in Detainee Cases

And he is no friend to the environment ... Brett Kavanaugh Will Mean Challenging Times For Environmental Laws

Nor is he a friend of consumer protections ... One of Trump’s top court candidates would be trouble for the CFPB

And of course, there's the fact that Kavanaugh has opined that a sitting president can't be a subject of a civil or criminal investigation - doubtless one of the main reasons Trump has picked him ... Brett Kavanaugh wrote that presidents shouldn’t be “distracted” by criminal investigations

These are just some of the reasons why Democrats in the senate should stick together - including those blue dog Democrats - and vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation, even if it seems just a gesture.

More: Kavanaugh will not uphold Roe


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