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Sunday, August 12, 2018

A sonnet

Long long ago in a galaxy far away, I belonged to an online writing BBS. We had challenges, or contests, posting short stories, reading everyone's stuff, and picking a winner who would choose the next challenge topic. So much fun. I learned a lot about writing. Some of my old short stories can be found here - Short Stories. I forgot, though, that we sometimes wrote poems too, but my friend from the BBS, Susan, reminded me of this sonnet I tried to write, based on a Stargate Atlantis episode :) ...

Diminishing Returns

StarGate Atlantis was on TV shown
this very night and I could not but gaze
as humans transplanted far from home
battle aliens so fell that they amaze.
Our heroes formed a drug that would destroy
the enemy, but half the humans too.
They deemed the plan was worthy to employ,
“victory at any cost” expressed their view.
But at what point does necessary loss,
in the cause of winning, sacrifice the thing
wished preserved, and the ultimate cause
become a victim of results diminishing?
To justify the means with worthy end,
does integrity and truth and honor rend.


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