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Monday, March 08, 2010

From William Barry SJ to President Obama

For International Women's Day ....

- I have a past post on spiritual director William A Barry SJ and women's ordination, and an interesting read is Bishop of Durham NT Wrights' 2006 Women Bishops: A Response to Cardinal Kasper in which he lays out all the reasons why women can too be ordained.

- the WHO has some scary statistics on violence against women at this page, and a a post at Reuter's AxisMundi Jerusalem blog is about honor killings, one of the kinds of violence perpetrated against women .... A deadly trend?.

- there's an interesting American Catholic article - The Truth About Jesus and Women , and also a Wikipedia page on Jesus' interactions with women

- despite the Vatican's 2009 opinion that washing machines are more liberating to women than access to family planning, the Guttmacher Institute's post, International Women's Day: The Enormous Benefits of Investing in Family Planning and Pregnancy Related Care, says otherwise.

And finally, here's a video of the President and the First Lady speaking today about the achievements of women around the world at a reception marking International Women’s Day. ....


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