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Sunday, April 14, 2013

By the sea

Gospel reading for today - the disciples go fishing and, in one of his post-resurrection appearances, Jesus makes a snack for them, makes Peter sad, and says something strange about John. The Gospel of John movie version of this part really touched me. Start watching at about 2:40:45 ...


Blogger Victor said...

Boy you're GOOD Victor!

What are YA talking about sinner vic?


Listen sinner vic, you of all know that I can't afford to be too bad NOW!

No! NO! no Victor! I mean, how did you ever truly find out that we god really existed NOW?

Lucky guess sinner vic! lol

Don't be like that Victor! Really tell U>S how we gave "IT" away NOW!

Tell YA what sinner vic! You tell "ME", "ME" and "ME" and "I" will tell you gods then we'll all know NOW! Right?

Sounds good to U>S (usual sinners) Victor!

OK then "IT" is settled butt you first sinner vic!

You still don't trust any body do you Victor?

Speak for yourself sinner vic! NOW tell U>S how you figered "I" knew what "I" know NOW?

Well "IT" all started by a world series of events and "IT" just can't be mentioned here NOW.

Victor! Victor! Victor! I'll start with when your oldest daughter started going out with Saint Joseph and this guys called Scollard and was a beautiful chearleader and so U>S gods had to have her. Remember when we alien gods were picking your brain cells with the help of your daughter' fifty per sent age of your daughter flesh NOW.

Don't be silly sinner vic! I think YA better stop cause you're just not ready yet to tell any body, I mean anybody stories like this NOW!

Forgive sinner vic Crystal! He's not ready to tell stories of my past yet cause he was trying to tell you and your readers that our oldest daughter was a blond cheerleader at St. Joseph, Scollard Hall high school when "IT" use to be a "Catholic" school.

I hear YA brothers and sisters in Christ! You better go back to the drawing board Victor cause the alien gods would never be promoting him with those kind of stories NOW!

YA sure about this Victor! As if your Jesus could tell better stories NOW?

Go Figure! :)


10:04 AM  

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