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Monday, April 29, 2013

On Heaven and Earth: women

I see that Leo Boff thinks Francis will fix what's wrong with the church, but I saw another article today about Francis and women that makes me pretty depressed. Yes, Francis is down with LT, and that's good thing after the last two anti-LT popes, but the problems facing the church aren't reserved to that one issue and the church will not be "fixed" for many people, especially women, LGBT people, and sex abuse victims, until those other issues are also addressed.

Will they be addressed? I don't think so. An example is given in an article at NCR, Pope Francis, women and 'chauvinism with skirts', that details Francis' views of women and their place in the church through the reading of his book On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century. One thing is clear from what he's written: he is a fan of JPII's view of women (i.e. 'new' feminism) which holds that women are ontologically different than men, women have a special nature that's defined by men, Jesus doesn't want women to be priests.

I don't doubt that these beliefs about women (and Jesus) held by conservative Catholics have their advantages - you can devalue half the population without taking any personal responsibility for injustice or the pain it causes.


Anonymous Victor said...

((("With this pope, a Jesuit and a pope from the Third World, we can breathe happiness," Boff said Saturday at a Buenos Aires book fair. "Pope Francis has both the vigor and tenderness that we need to create a new spiritual world.")))

Forgive "ME", "ME" and "ME" Crystal but we have not read everything cause believe "IT" or not as we gods are growing in Hisdom, "I" mean wisdom Victor is getting wise her, "I" mean wiser to us gods and he's starting to think that we gods are starting to con vic him and we don't really own 98% of his human flesh but your crystal cells know what a LOT of , I mean Buff a Low, no, no, buffalo, YA that's "IT" NOW.

Crystal all this little retardo "ONE" per sent age "Jesus soul" does is dream all day long and we gods can't do anything without your help because of those silly Aveng her, I mean and Crystal we all know that they are simply make believe! Right NOW?

I knew that we gods were in for a fight when that so called special Commission Assembly of Sin, "I" mean Synod of Bishops was set UP in 1971 and then when in 1987 we gods had to deal with the sin, "I" mean this Synod of Bishops which once more dealt with the dignity and vocation of women, well then the alien gods knew that these humans meant business if YA get what all of U>S so called (usual sinners) mean NOW!

Crystal, let U>S cut to the chase and tell YA that if this little retardo manages to con the rest of humanity that "The Trinity" and before "I" continue let me just say that "The Pyramids" were just a mistake that previous alien gods left, "I" mean Right, no, no, "I" mean never mind "Left and Right" are only for drilling in wars NOW!

Look again "I" see Victor coming from a distant so "I" better close and warn YA not to get taken in like and "I" remember there was no name calling if Victor ask NOW and...

End YA say sinner vic?

Hey! What a surprise to see YA here Victor! I was just telling Crystal that "IT" is your wife' birthday tomorrow on "MAY First" and that you treat her like a wo man, Right NOW?

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ! :)


2:07 PM  

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