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Saturday, January 11, 2014


I've been having troubles with my internet connection and email too so sorry if I've missed anything I should have responded to.

- I'm wondering about Pope Francis' commitment to sex abuse accountability, given that the Vatican refuses to extradite Polish archbishop accused of child sex abuse

- Saw a post by Marilyn McCord Adams about praying when you are angry at God. It's written in response to another post about clergy sex abuse and prayer, but I think it works for anyone who finds it hard to pray because of the bad things that have happened to them.

- Speaking of Marxism and the Pope, I saw this post by Anglican priest and philosophy professor Steven Shakespeare today ... Welcome to my Crisis; or, Marx, Labour and Religion. For those interested, here are some other things by him ... Speak to us of prayers ... Why Humans Need Animals ... Sermon from 2009 Annual Service: Durham Cathedral, Saturday 26th September 2009 ... and I've posted about his book, Radical Orthodoxy: A Critical Introduction, and about his book, The Inclusive God: Reclaiming Theology for an Inclusive Church .... and posted these videos by him ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Australia.
Please find a radically different Illuminated Understanding of Truth & Reality, and the non-humans too, via these references.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus this reference on Derrida and the limitations of all Western philosophy old or "new".

8:46 PM  

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