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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some links

- NT Wright has given an interview - N. T. Wright on Gay Marriage - and Tobias Haller BSG responds - NT Wright: Wrong Again

- The other day I mentioned the news averring that a computer has passed the Turing test (We need a new test). But wait ... Sorry Internet, a Machine Didn't Actually 'Pass' the Turing Test

- Yes, Humans Are Animals -- So Just Get Over Yourselves, Homo sapiens

- At ABC Religion & Ethics: Refusing Resignation: Moral Heroes in an Age of Victims by Susan Neiman. I posted about her before here. She discusses the need for heroes and contrasts the examples of Odysseus and Achilles in the Trojan War, and that made me smile, remembering my favorite philosophy teacher from college who had a real disgust for Odysseus and his "success via stealth and guile" modus operandi :) But I didn't like Achilles either ... I was on the side of the Trojans (see my past post Stellan SkarsgÄrd is Theseus).


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