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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Upside Down

This week's movie rental was Upside Down ...

a 2012 Canadian-French romantic science fiction film written and directed by Juan Diego Solanas, starring Jim Sturgess [Across the Universe] and Kirsten Dunst. he film starts with Adam telling the story of his two-planet home world, unique from other planets or planetary systems as it is the only one that has "dual gravity". This phenomenon of dual gravity allows the two planets to orbit each other in what would otherwise be impossibly close proximity .... The societies of the two worlds are segregated by law. While the upper world (Up Above) is rich and prosperous, the lower (Down Below) is poor.

I liked it: the movie had neat visuals, good acting, and was sweet in a fairy tale kind of way. Here's a review from Wired - Review: Upside Down Soars Visually, But Lacks Gravity - and here's a trailer ...


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