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Monday, July 14, 2014

Pope Francis and women bishops in the C of E

Yay :) Finally, women bishops in the C of E - Jubilation as Church of England's synod votes to allow female bishops
. This from Damian Thompson on Pope Francis and the C of E's vote for women bishops ...

[...] How will Pope Francis react? Some Anglicans suspect that he’s secretly pleased: they see him as a fellow liberal who would be open to ordaining women if only John Paul II hadn’t declared it to be a theological impossibility. They’re wrong. Francis talks about expanding the ‘ministry’ of women, but when he’s pressed on the subject he makes jokes about bossy priests’ housekeepers and Adam’s rib. There’s definitely a streak of old-fashioned Latin American misogyny in the Holy Father.

The Catholic Church in the UK is in a tizzy over this - God knows where the women bishops vote leaves Anglican-Catholic relations and The Church of England’s vote for women bishops has created an insurmountable obstacle to unity

That reminded me of how years ago Cardinal Kasper, now said to be Pope Francis' favorite theologian, tried to doom women bishops in the C of E - link. NT Wright responded to Kasper's talk - Women Bishops: A Response to Cardinal Kasper

I don't understand the Catholic version of ecumenism - it seems to mean everyone else becoming Catholic rather than respecting differences. Or perhaps the Catholic hierarchy is feeling lonesome as the last church that still discriminates against women.


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