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Monday, July 07, 2014

Francis meets sex abuse victims

The Pope met with sex abuse victims, but though he said that Bishops will be accountable for sex abuse, when one of the victims he met with asked him to remove Cardinal Brady and other bishops who had covered up abuse in the past, his response was not affirmative ...

Irish abuse victim tells Pope she wants Cardinal Brady removed

Clerical child abuse survivor Marie Kane (43) has asked Pope Francis to remove Cardinal Seán Brady as Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland due to his handling of a clerical child abuse inquiry in 1975 ....

“It’s a big thing with me that there are still members of the hierarchy there who were involved in the cover-up. I feel personally they (Church) cannot contemplate any change happening, there will be no success” as long as such people remained in place, she told The Irish Times today.

During a meeting in the Vatican, she told Pope Francis that “cover-up is still happening and you have the power to make these changes.” There were others besides Cardinal Brady, she said, but “I didn’t want to go into a litany.”

Pope Francis responded that “it was difficult to make these changes,” ...

Why can Francis remove a bishop who bought a big house but cannot remove one who has covered up sex abuse?

More on this ... Irish abuse survivor asks Pope Francis to remove Cardinal Seán Brady as archbishop


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