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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jesus: the movie

- Jesus and his mom

Duke NT scholar Mark Goodacre has a new podcast, this one on the film Jesus as part of his ongoing series about Jesus in the movies. I was hoping he would review this film as it is my favorite Jesus movie, the first one I saw after becoming a Christian. The podcast is here - NT Pod 74: Jesus The Movie (1999). I don't want to give anything away, but it's a great review, quite in-depth, and Mark does make the comment that the movie is in many ways remarkable :)

- The movie is one of the few that shows Joseph with the adult Jesus

Here's a review of the movie from The New York Times - TV WEEKEND; Devout, Wise and Loves To Dance at Weddings. And here's another review by W. Barnes Tatum, the Jefferson-Pilot Professor of Religion and Philosophy Emeritus, Greensboro College - Jesus — The Mini-Series

- In the film, Mary M tells Jesus, If I were a man I would be your most loyal disciple, and he responds, Those who speak for me are my disciples.

Here's a clip from the film ... ....


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