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Monday, March 20, 2017

Links and stuff

So much going on lately to comment on ...

- There was the testimony of FBI director James Comey before the House Intelligence Committee about the Russia/Trump connection ... What Investigation? G.O.P. Responds to F.B.I. Inquiry by Changing Subject. I watched a bit of it and what also came up was the subject of Trump's allegations that President Obama had his phones tapped. Comey put that idea to rest .....

- Also in the news, Pope apologizes for Catholics' participation in Rwanda genocide. This has been some time coming ... see my 2010 post The Church and Rwanda.

- And there's this article about Trump's pick for the Supreme Court ... Why Gorsuch’s Alleged Sexist Classroom Comments Are So Troubling—and Revealing.

- And a recent article by Fr. Thomas Reese SJ: Now is the time for married priests ... At the Last Supper, Jesus said, “Do this in memory of me,” not “have a celibate priesthood.” The need for the Eucharist trumps having a celibate priesthood.

- And finally, my latest listening from the Moody Blues. Or actually, from two of the members of the band, Justin Hayward and John Lodge, as the Blue Jays: Blue Guitar (1975) ...


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